Charity Tracker Success Story

After 6 months of dedicated use of Charity Tracker, Calvary Baptist Food Pantry received $430 from the Foundation to help fund a new refrigerator.  The new fridge will allow the Pantry to expand its services to include more perishable items such as meat, vegetables, and dairy products.

Last fall the Foundation partnered with Charity Tracker in its effort to address the hunger/obesity paradox in Connersville.  Any organization applying for funding toward a food pantry, or any type of food distribution service, will now need to first contact the Foundation. All organizations will have to agree to track their clients through Charity Tracker and must have completed at least 6 months of tracking before an application will be accepted.  All demographic grant application questions will now be pulled from the organization’s Charity Tracker account.

“As a funding agency, we hear a lot about the issue of hunger in our community.  The problem for us is that we hear about it in bits and pieces.  We know the perspective of food pantry A and food pantry B, and we read Gleaners’ reports.  However, at this point, we don’t have a birds-eye view of the problem.  We don’t have figures and demographics on those clients being served as one set of data,” said Katherine Good, Fayette County Foundation Program Officer.  “That is what Charity Tracker can do for our community.  It can collect that data through an easy to use website so the Foundation can see how to best use our donors’ funds.”

Charity Tracker makes it possible for all service organizations to easily track their client base by entering their information into the website’s database.  The information collected includes name, address, age, and members of the household.  While the information collected is nothing different from what most pantries are already recording in written notes, the key is that Charity Tracker stores the information in a centralized place that is accessible to other service organizations and the Foundation.

“Using the database will be in essence comparing every pantry’s written note cards,” said Good.  “The website will scan those names for duplicates, giving the Foundation a true number of how many people are being served, and what areas of town and age groups are most affected.”

Charity Tracker is currently a free service sponsored by the Foundation. Organizations interested in a Charity Tracker account should contact the Foundation at 827-9966.

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