What Can I Support?

Your Donation

Your gift to the Fayette County Foundation can be specified to an existing endowment, or you can create a unique endowment to support community needs that are important to you. Any monetary amount can be gifted to an existing endowment. Your gift will be added to the principle balance of the endowment, increasing the amount of interest that can be awarded each year. To begin your own endowment, a minimum of $1,000 is needed to open the endowment. A $5,000 balance must be reached within five years. The Foundation will be able to grant a percentage of the endowment’s interest after it reaches $5,000.

Click here to see a list of all our existing endowments.

Types of Endowments

Administrative Endowment Funds:  Considered one of the most critical endowments.  Gifts to the administrative endowment let us know you think we are doing a good job at serving our community.  This endowment allows the Foundation to focus more of its fund income on grants, scholarships and programs.

Designated Funds:  Designated funds provide grants to specific organizations named by the donor.  The distributions will be in perpetuity, as long as the named agency or charitable purpose remains in existence and continues to fulfill the intended purpose.

Donor-Advised Endowment Funds:  Donor advised funds offer the donor the opportunity to be actively involved in the advisory capacity for distributions from this fund.  As income becomes available for distributions, the donor-advisor recommends to the Foundation’s Directors grants that meet their charitable interests.

Field of Interest Endowment Funds:  Field of interest support a broad area of interest such as education, the arts, services or programs for youth or the elderly, environmental projects, health, recreational purposes, or civic affairs.  The Foundation will direct the distributions to the most appropriate programs within the field(s) designated by the donors.

Organization Endowment Funds:  With increasing need for the services of nonprofit organizations and fewer sources of support, endowment building has become critically important.  Organization endowment funds hold asset for individual charitable organizations and generally distribute investment income to the organization annually.

Scholarship Endowment Funds:  Scholarship funds may be established in memory of an individual, for a specific field of study, for those planning to attend specific colleges or university or general post-secondary educations. Starting a scholarship is a great way to help eager individuals reach their academic goals.

Unrestricted Endowment Funds:  Unrestricted funds are used to address some of our community’s greatest needs.  They are created by visionary philanthropist who caring about the community beyond their own lifetimes and wish to make an impact that transcends the barriers of time and change.

Community Foundation Memorials

The Foundation is proud to receive gifts celebrating life. Through memorial gifts and tributes, we continue to build endowments and create an enduring legacy for generations in Fayette County. Instead of material gifts, choose gifts from the endowment list to honor your friends, family or business associates – gifts that help people and organizations here.

Click here to see our current memorials.

How to Give

Your online donation is managed by our nonprofit partner Just Give, which then grants 97% of the funds to the Foundation. When making a donation online please consider adding a 3% grant to Just Give so 100% of your donation amount goes to the Foundation.

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Mail your check to:
Fayette County Foundation
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