Awarded – 2015

Connersville High School

Equipment for Weight Room, $20,000.00

Connersville Emergency Medical Services

Handheld radios and accessories, $11,057.10

Connersville Public Transit

Radio equipment, $2,888.40

Connersville Master Gardeners

Plants for Central Avenue planters, $432

Calvary Baptist Food Pantry

New refrigerator, $466

Whitewater Valley Art Association

Marketing Support, $250

Fayette Central Elementary School

Student iPads, $2,694.00

Connersville Middle School

Rowing machine, $1,000.00

Fayette County School Corporation

Jump Start, $36,688.46

Imagine Performing Arts

PA System, $500.00

Whitewater Valley Art Association

Framing materials for “Mystery Mural,” $500.00

City of Connersville

Nickel Plate Trail, Phase 1, $53,000

Total Grants in 2015 $129,475.96


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