Your Neighbor. Our Donor. The Beneker’s Story.

Mary and Marcus Beneker tell their story of giving.

“We are grateful that the Fayette County Foundation provides a convenient way for us to support local endeavors.  We have enjoyed the services of our library for many years, including story times and programs when our children were young, through our years of teaching, and now as semi-retirees.  The Fayette County Public Library provides materials and resources for every individual in the county who chooses to take advantage of its resources.  We feel blessed that we are able to help support the library and other causes that are dear to our hearts.  It feel good to do our part to help the library and other organizations that offer a better quality of life for everyone who lives here in Fayette County.”

The Fayette County Foundation is your community foundation.  We are a tax exempt public charity that enables people to easily and effectively support issues they care about.  Caring individuals, like Mary and Marcus Beneker, add money to existing endowments or create their own endowment.  WE invest the gifts and each year with a positive return, a percentage of the earnings are awarded.  Marcy and Marcus’s gifts to the Foundation support the library and many of their other favorite charities.  Theirs and all our donors’ gifts are invested by professional financial advisors.  The earnings are awarded back into the community as the donor has directed.  The Fayette County Foundation’s mission is to produce positive and sustainable in our community.  Click here to give now.