Your Neighbor. Our Donor. The Eakins’ Story.

Jon and Kay Eakins tell their story of giving.

We like to support the Foundation by donating to the Community IMPACT Endowment. By doing this we are supporting grants that can go toward benefiting the entire community. We like to do this by gifting grain. Our accountant first advised us to do this as a way to make charitable donations while also being a tax savings. Anyone with grain to sell should check with their accountant and let them explain how you can help your community and lower your tax bill at the same time.

It’s simple to give a gift of grain or livestock.  Giving bushels of grain instead of dollars allows you to make larger gifts that honor your heritage and saves tax dollars. For example, you could save 15% in federal taxes, 15% in self employment taxes, and 5% in state and county taxes.  Giving is as easy as three steps.  Step 1, determine how many bushels you would like to donate or how many head of livestock.  Step 2, Transfer your gift into the Fayette County Foundation account at your elevator or market.  Step 3, Keep records of your donations for your records.  Call Anna today to learn more at 827-9966.

The Fayette County Foundation is your community foundation. We are a tax exempt public charity that enables people to easily and effectively support issues they care about.  Caring individuals, like Jon and Kay Eakins, add money to existing endowments or create their own endowment. Jon and Kay’s gifts to the Foundation support the Community IMPACT endowment. The IMPACT endowment is our largest and only unrestricted endowment.

Unrestricted funds are used to address some of our community’s greatest needs. They are created by visionary philanthropist who caring about the community beyond their own lifetimes and wish to make an impact that transcends the barriers of time and change. We invest the gifts and each year with a positive return, a percentage of the earnings are awarded. Theirs and all our donors’ gifts are invested by professional financial advisors. The earnings are awarded back into the community as the donor has directed. The Fayette County Foundation’s mission is to produce positive and sustainable in our community.  Click here to give now.