Foundation Scholarship Endowment Awards: Beau Isaacs

Beau Isaacs, the son of Bill and Barb Isaacs, all of Connersville, received the Anna Thomson Memorial Scholarship, an endowment of the Fayette County Foundation.  This general scholarship requires that applicants have at least a 3.0 GPA and are a graduating senior of Connersville High School.

Anna Thomson Memorial Scholarship was Anna’s own idea.  Anna wanted her legacy to be that of helping students attend college with money given in her memory.  She was inspiration to others with her kind and loyal personality. She was very spiritual and had a philosophy of life about positive thinking.

Anna Selke Thomson was devoted to her children.  There was a lot of fun and laughter in their lives.  Anna’s good friend, Susan, described Anna as an “Earth Mother type,” nurturing with everyone — her own children, her students, and her friends.  Susan said that Anna was was a spontaneous person, always saying, “just do this.”

Even when Anna was very sick, she was concerned more with those around her than herself, still living her life to the fullest.  Her last Christmas, she spent time sledding.  The Scholarship was established at the Foundation in 2000.

Beau Isaacs is attending Butler University pursing an undergraduate degree in economics, with the ultimate goal of become a corporate lawyer.  Beau was part of the basketball team throughout his career at CHS, being named MVP in 2016 and team captain in 2017.  Beau said, “I have learned to push myself outside of my comfort zone and that honesty, integrity, and justice are more important than winning. These are the lessons and values I will take with me as I step into the next chapter of my life. Being a corporate lawyer with a background in economics will open up unique opportunities for me. Although this is an untraditional route, I am passionate about both subjects and want to use my economics background to apply a unique perspective into the corporate world. I am very focused and determined to reach my goal. Giving up on a dream or goal is not in my nature.”

This year the Foundation awarded 34 scholarships to 19 students with $100,337 in tuition funds awarded.

Congratulations, Beau!