Foundation Helps Hope Float

For most folks and organizations, 10th anniversaries are usually celebrated with parties or trips to exotic places.

For one Connersville organization, however, they celebrated their 10th anniversary back in 2007 in a different way – creating an endowment, to help further fund them in the future, with the Fayette County Foundation.

And now, 20 years after its inception and 10 years after creating that endowment with the FCF, Connersville’s Hope Center is reaping the rewards of that 10th anniversary move.

Recently, the FCF awarded the Hope Center – which offers pregnancy and sexually-transmitted disease testing, along with parent and child care education along other services – a grant for $386.19, as part of its recent endowment grant award cycle.

While the $386.19 might not, at first glance, seem like a lot, it is over a third of what the Hope Center initially gifted, 10 years ago, in the endowment – $1,000.

That endowment continues to grow today, now exceeding $10,000, and will continue to grow as the years progress.

If anyone had any doubt whether the Hope Center, when it came along in 1997, planned on being a permanent part of the Connersville and Fayette County community, those doubts were dispelled with that 2007 start of the endowment, according to FCF Executive Director Anna Dungan.

“The endowment for the Hope Center shows they are here and committed,” she said. “The Center’s staff, board members and dedicated volunteers have done a great job changing with the times. Their annual grant from the endowment can be used for whatever the Center is focusing on at that time.”

And while the Hope Center conducts much fundraising of its own during the year, such as its “Dining for Dollars” events, that fundraising is geared for immediate, present-day needs.

Donations to the Hope Center endowment, meanwhile, help ensure the organization will having something down the road into the future.

“Why would donors give to the Foundation instead of directly to the Hope Center?” Dungan asked. “The Hope Center’s fundraising focuses on financial stability today. The Foundation is here to assist donors and the Hope Center with large gifts that will help the Center grow and be sustainable.”

If that small $1,000 seed 10 years ago, blooming into more than $10,000 now, is any indication, the Hope Center will be sustainable for some time to come.