Foundation Scholarship Endowment Awards: Hunter Johns

Hunter Johns received the Charles R. Leming Scholarship, Alquina Elementary PTO Scholarship, James T. Price Scholarship, and the Fayette County Free Fair 4-H Scholarship, all endowments of the Fayette County Foundation.  All scholarships require that applicants have at least a 3.0 GPA, are a graduating senior of Connersville High School.

Charles R. Leming Scholarship was established through a gift from the Fayette County School Corporation in 2006.

Alquina Elementary PTO Scholarship is available to graduating CHS seniors who attended Alquina Elementary School for at least three years. The scholarship was created in 2011, the same year the school was closed.

James T. Price Scholarship was established by Bob and Nancy Price to ensure a legacy of caring for the education of Fayette County students.  James was a devoted teacher and principal in the Fayette County school system. He started his teaching career in 1927 at Alquina.  His 34 year career as an educator saw him at several of the elementary and junior high buildings, including Waterloo and Connersville Jr. High School.  James also served as the first principal of Eastview Elementary, which opened in 1950. Because of his experience and skills, one school would lure him away from another to be on their staff. He saw the needs of the children he taught and served.  Because of his strong work ethic and his dedication to the children that he helped educate, the James T. Price Scholarship was established.  This endowment recognizes a hard-working student who needs help to make his or her higher education a reality.

Fayette County Free Fair 4-H Scholarship is open to all graduating CHS seniors with a 3.0 GPA who have also been 10-year members of 4-H.

Hunter Johns is now attending Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee studying film production.  Hunter said, “I gained interest in the film industry as a young boy and eventually decided that I would dedicate the rest of my life to this industry. Having been born with a deformed foot meant numerous hospital visits and sometimes excruciating pain. I experienced the benefits that movies brought to my own life when I realized that as I got lost in a good storyline, the pain and deep-rooted anger at my circumstances washed away. I vividly remember bringing my Batman movies along for hospital visits. The movies gave me peace of mind in an environment that seemed so terrifying. As I’ve grown older I still enjoy watching a movie that is so beautifully crafted that you can’t help but think it’s real. I plan to use my connection to the film industry to tell the wonderful stories that the people of Connersville have to tell.”

This year the Foundation awarded 34 scholarships to 19 students with $100,337 in tuition funds awarded.

Congratulations, Hunter!