Memorial Spotlight: Bill and Julia Yake

Bill and Julia Yake’s love of all things beautiful are sprinkled throughout our community. Their legacy will go on forever through the two endowments they created, Kiwanis Club Community Service and Beautification Endowments. Annually, the Foundation takes time to pause for a moment and reflex on loved ones that have passed away and have been recognized by a donation to the Foundation. Donations can be any size, given at any time, to any endowment.

The Foundation is proud to receive gifts celebrating life. Through memorial gifts and tributes, we continue to build endowments and create an enduring legacy for generations in Fayette County. Instead of material gifts, choose gifts from the endowment list to honor your friends, family or business associates – gifts that help people and organizations here.

Organization Endowment Funds:  With increasing need for the services of nonprofit organizations and fewer sources of support, endowment building has become critically important.  Organization endowment funds hold asset for individual charitable organizations and generally distribute investment income to the organization annually.

Field of Interest Endowment Funds:  Field of interest support a broad area of interest such as education, the arts, services or programs for youth or the elderly, environmental projects, health, recreational purposes, or civic affairs.  The Foundation will direct the distributions to the most appropriate programs within the field(s) designated by the donors.