Your Neighbor. Our donor. Melvin’s story.

Melvin Dice tells his story of giving.

“Giving to the Foundation is how I honor family and friends,” states Melvin Dice.  “When someone from my church passes away, I give to the East Side United Methodist Church Endowment.  Maybe one gift isn’t a lot, but lots of gifts together make an impact.”  Through memorial gifts, we continue to build endowments and create an enduring legacy  for generations to come in Fayette County.  Instead of material gifts, honor loved ones and help organizations right here when you give to the Fayette County Foundation.  We have a special mailing that pays tribute to loved ones for whom we have received gifts.  If you would like to have your loved one featured in this special mailing with their picture, please contact the Foundation for more information.

The Fayette County Foundation is your community foundation.  We are a tax exempt public charity that enables people to easily and effectively support issues they care about.  Caring individuals, like Melvin, add money to existing endowments or create their own endowment.  We invest the gifts and each year with a positive return, a percentage of the earnings are awarded as grants.  Melvin’s gifts to the Foundation support the East Side United Methodist Church and many of his other favorite charities.  His and all our donors’ gifts are invested by professional financial advisors.  The earnings are awarded back into the community as the donor has directed.  The Fayette County Foundation’s mission is to produce positive and sustainable in our community.  Click here to give now.