Hunter Education at Manlove Park

Manlove Park has many events for the community every year. On April 8 the Park hosted 60 participants in its semi-annual Hunter Education course.  The Fayette County Foundation was please to offer support in the amount of $310 toward refreshments.  Funding was made possible through the Foundation’s Wildlife Heritage Endowment.  Each year we host the Hunter education course for the DNR, an event where families bring children to be educated on Indiana law regarding hunting and Firearm safety. Due to our facility, we are actually able to provide live fire training at our range, which is rare for hunter education courses. Our park has accomplished being able to provide these activities through the charitable donations of the community, and volunteer efforts of our members. Manlove Park is operated by the Fayette County Conservation Club who is controlled by an elected volunteer board of directors. We have a 140 acre Park that includes a 40 acre lake, modern camping, primitive camping nature trails through wooded forest and a lodge.

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