Foundation Funds Radios for EMS

The Fayette County Foundation granted $11,057 to the Fayette County EMS Department with the mutual goal to save lives with the most cost-effective and service oriented methods available. Foundation funds will be used to purchase 15 handheld radios and 9 mobile radios. The handheld radios are carried by full-time EMS employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The other two radios will be for part-time employees and will be left at the station for when the part-time employees are on duty. In extreme emergency situations off-duty employees do assist EMS personnel.  The mobile radios will equip the three ambulances, command vehicle, gator and base station. The ambulances will have two mobile radios installed in each, one in front for the driver and then one also in the rear of the ambulance for EMS personnel to talk directly to any type of medical personnel needed.

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