FCF & JA Teach 318 Local Children

Marcy Crull 2A $2,000 grant from the Foundation made it possible for Junior Achievement of Eastern Indiana to teach 318 local children in 14 classes at St. Gabriel, Frazee, Fayette Central, Maplewood and Grandview.

The purpose of JA is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy, by teaching business, workforce readiness, and financial skills to improve the quality of their lives. JA programs are designed to ensure that future workers will understand basic economic principles, learn new skills, work as part of a team, are able to solve problems creatively, and are productive employees.

Volunteers from the area are trained to teach the JA curriculum, which in many instances meets Indiana’s required state standards. Volunteers then teach 45 minute sessions for five weeks in the grade of their choice (kindergarten through sixth grade).

“The grant allowed us to start rebuilding in the Fayette County Community,” said Marcy Crull, Executive Director of JA. “There are many students in Fayette County that could benefit from a financial literacy education. I believe reaching young students with our programs is a benefit to the community.”

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