FCF Partners with Public Transit

The Fayette County Foundation awarded $2,888 to Fayette County Public Transit in last spring’s grant cycle in order to purchase eight narrow-band radios for their transit vehicles, in order for the department to be in accordance with the Federal Communications Commission requirements that mass transit agencies be on narrow-band frequency.

“They needed help with upgrading their radios,” Good said. “The FCC mandated that everyone go narrow-band, but of course, they don’t provide any funding for that. So they applied and then they were funded for $2,888. We just felt like transportation is such a big issue in town and we definitely wanted to help them out and make sure the service they do continues, because it’s very much needed.”

David Lingg, executive director of Fayette County Public Transit, said the FCF’s grant has been a huge plus to the department.

“It’s been an asset to be able to get those radios, because some of the older equipment we have doesn’t always work properly,” he said. “With the new radios, it makes our system more efficient and it’s an upgrade we really needed.”

Had the department not upgraded their radios, Lingg continued, the possibility existed that Fayette County Public Transit could have been shut down due to an inspection and not being in compliance.

“The state regulates that,” he said. “We have a (radio) license, but if we were on a different band, we could be in trouble. Fined and, actually, they could probably close us down.”

“We definitely want to avoid that,” Good added.

Lingg couldn’t express enough thanks to the FCF for their assistance, he concluded.

“We really appreciate the Foundation and all they’ve done for us,” he said. “Hopefully in the future, we can work with them again.”

Pictured: (From left) Fayette County Public Transit Executive Director David Lingg, drivers Ron Best, Gage Bischoff and Blake Bischoff, Fayette County Foundation Program Officer Katherine Good, Fayette County Public Transit Director Frank Nutty and Connersville/Fayette County Grant Administrator Diana Wright.

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