Foundation Supports Kids’ Careers

speakers series 1The Foundation partnered with The Link in fall 2012 through a grant for a children’s speaker’s series focused on career planning and career choices. The $3,000 grant allowed the Link to purchase LCD projectors to use for speaker presentations and videos.

Approximately 150 students from Grandview, Maplewood and Frazee attend these presentations with volunteers from around the Connersville area. The program helps to motivate these students to do their best everyday in schools, so they can secure the type of career that interests them.

In January 2014 The Link will kick off its career research portion of the series. The Link will sponsor a “When I Grow Up…” day in which students will chose three jobs they might likely pursue as adults. Based on the chosen professions, The Link will bring in speakers from those professions to talk about their schooling and career paths.

The Foundation is proud to partner with The Link to fund an early beginning to establishing a skilled and dedicated workforce.

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