FCF Hires Intern Destiny Russell

Destiny Russell is a former graduate of Connersville High School’s class of 2016. She is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration at Indiana University East. In her free time, she enjoys reading, exploring antique shops, and going on picnics. Having been raised in Connersville, Destiny was prevalent in many groups throughout the community throughout the age such as 4H, theater, and volunteer work. During her time with the Fayette County Foundation she is focusing her love of the community outward as she reaches out to connect with the local non-profit organizations within Fayette County. Destiny hopes to ultimately help educate the different groups to inform them about the work that the Foundation does, and the opportunity to apply and receive grants that will help fulfill community projects. She will be collecting data on the organizations to help focus the Foundation’s focus on the communities wants and needs.

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