Grant Cycle Now Open!

The Fayette County Foundation is now accepting letters of intent to begin its Grant Cycle 1 2018.  Letters are due by Noon on February 2 and must be submitted via email to  Letters must include:

  1. Name of your organization, address, and phone number
  2. Your mission statement
  3. A brief description of services provided and those you serve
  4. A brief description of your project or program and its objective
  5. How much money you plan to request
  6. What specifically the grant funding would purchase
  7. The total cost of the project or program
  8. When the project or program will begin and end

A complete grant application will be provided to those applicants whose letters of intent are approved by FCF.  For more information visit, or call the Foundation at 765-827-9966.

The Fayette County Foundation’s mission is to promote positive and sustainable change in our community by developing assets that will be available in perpetuity to energize and nourish endeavors that seek to impact:

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