Hager Sizemore Ross GED Scholarship

Every year nearly two hundred adults gear up to take the General Educational Development “GED” exam through the Whitewater Technical Career Center. The Career Center continuously offers Management Intake, a course to prepare students for the GED in Fayette, Rush, Western Wayne, and Union County. To help with the cost for the GED test and graduation cap and gown, the Hagar Sizemore Ross GED Scholarship has been established by friends and family of Hagar.

After completing her sophomore year at Orange High School ( FayetteCounty), Hager Ross got married. Even though Hager stopped going to school at age 15, she never lost sight of the value of education. She always emphasized education to her children, Jeanie and Betsy.

Hager realized the value of an education when a job change happened in her later years. After the closing of Miller’s Cafeteria, she started working on a fill-in basis at the Connersville High School cafeteria. However, one of the requirements for the job was to have a high school diploma or a GED. Since Hager loved her job and wanted to continue, she decided to work toward earning her GED.

Since she had been there herself, Hager never judged why students had not finished high school. Hager’s daughter Betsy Ross states, “She just hoped that there would be a time that they would finish later on.” Hager received her GED diploma at 82 years of age.

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