Hope Center Clinic Complete

Hope Center Executive Director Marla Steele led a tour of the newly renovated Hope Medical Clinic.  The Clinic features exam, laboratory, and counseling areas.  Featured are (from left): Steele; Fuzzy Lakes, Hope Center Board Member; Katherine Good, FCF Program Officer; and Anna Dungan, FCF Executive Director.

The Clinic is now able to offer free of charge to our community confidential STI/STD testing and treatment, pregnancy testing and counseling, limited ultrasounds, community referrals, and a 24-hour help/text line. All services are provided by licensed medical professionals.

The Hope Center also offers many family classes including cooking and budgeting.  The Center also recently partnered with the Fayette County Public Library to offer story time class.  All classes offered by the Center stress the importance of family in the context of teaching these skills.

The Clinic was funded by a $15,000 grant from FCF.  Funds not spent toward the renovation will be make possible medical testing and treatment, and community outreach to publicize these free services to the community.

“The Hope Center is not only getting it right, they are doing all the extras,” Dungan added. “Their clients are need-based but hopefully along the way they learn how to give, because they are being taught that through all the volunteers they come in contact with that help them along the way.”

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