Endowments Honor Forever

Pictured is ER & Mary Bowden while in Naples.  Their son, Bruce Bowden’s, gift in memory of his parents was a thank you gesture for his love of all things art that they taught him.  Bruce began a field of interest endowment in his parents’ names to support art programming in Fayette County.  Field of interest endowments support a broad area of interest such as education, the arts, services or programs for youth or the elderly, environmental projects, health, recreational purposes, or civic affairs.  The Foundation will direct the distributions to the most appropriate programs within the field(s) designated by the donors.  This year the ER & Mary Bowden Endowment granted $1,000 to the Fayette County Farmers’ Market to secure musical and theatrical entertainers during the markets.  All the Foundation’s endowments are in perpetuity, so they will continue to honor those for whom they are named by granting funds forever. Field of interest endowments are one of the many giving opportunities offered by the Foundation.  Give us a call today to learn more at 827-9966.

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