Grants Awarded

Community Grants

Awarded – 2016

City of Connersville

Nickel Plate Trail, 2016 Expansion, $60,000

Fayette County Garden Club

Downtown Planters, $425.00

Fayette County Master Gardeners

City Beautification, $160.66

Fayette County Public Library

Little Libraries, $1,000

Connersville Middle School

AED Equipment, $238.00

Grandview Elementary School

AED Equipment, $445.00

Whitewater Valley Art Association

New Roof, $8,012.00

God’s Little Blessings, Happytime, Magic Moments Preschools

Preschool Matters, $25,000

Fayette County School Corporation

Jump Start, $26,000

Connersville Lion’s Club

City Cemetery Fencing, $9,172.52

Masonic Lodge

Exterior Painting of Elmhurst, $10,935

Fayette County Cemetery Association

Grass Trimmers, $500

Fayette County School Corporation

Awards to Teachers, Education Endowment, $4,581.19

Total Grant Awards in 2016 $146,469.37

Awarded – 2015

Connersville High School

Equipment for Weight Room, $20,000.00

Connersville Emergency Medical Services

Handheld radios and accessories, $11,057.10

Connersville Public Transit

Radio equipment, $2,888.40

Connersville Master Gardeners

Plants for Central Avenue planters, $432

Calvary Baptist Food Pantry

New refrigerator, $466

Whitewater Valley Art Association

Marketing Support, $250

Fayette Central Elementary School

Student iPads, $2,694.00

Connersville Middle School

Rowing machine, $1,000.00

Fayette County School Corporation

Jump Start, $36,688.46

Imagine Performing Arts

PA System, $500.00

Whitewater Valley Art Association

Framing materials for “Mystery Mural,” $500.00

City of Connersville

Nickel Plate Trail, Phase 1, $53,000

Total Grants in 2015 $129,475.96


Awarded – 2014

Glenwood Volunteer Fire Department

New Water Pump and Tires for Rescue Tuck, $4,033.00

Grace United Methodist Food Pantry

Food Pantry, $5,000.00

Junior Achievement of Eastern Indiana

Class Materials for Maplewood, $2,350.00

Happy Time Preschool

New Awning, $3,700.00

Lions Club

Downhill Derby, $2,000.00

CHS Spartan Soccer Booster Club

New Portable Soccer Goals, $4,830.00

Connersville Middle School

Battle of the Estates, $1,245.00

The Link

Youth Summer Enrichment Programs, $1,335.00

Fayette County Cancer Society

Transportation Costs $500.00

Fayette County Master Gardeners

Flowers & Shrubs at Robert’s Park $500.00

Fayette County Goat Association

New Goat Pens $500.00

Imagine Performing Arts

Marketing Funding $500.00

CHS Speech Team

Dues, T-Shirts, Binders $529.93

Connersville Public Library

Multimedia Projector $1,096.24

Roberts Park

Repair Equipment at Kiddie Land $7,413.73

Magic Moments Preschool and Child Care Center

Staff Training Speaker $700

Fayette County Head Start

Staff Training Conscious Discipline Speaker $1,400

City of Connersville

Tasers and Vital Accessories for Connersville Police Officers $13,719.15

Awarded – 2013

Boy Scouts Iron Horse District

Boy Scout troop with LINK, $3,000.00

Whole Family Community Initiative

Equipment and Supplies for Activities, $6,000.00

Fayette County Conservation Club

2014 Bluegill Bonanza, $500.00

Fayette County Public Library

Very Ready Reading Program, $500.00

Hope Pregnancy Care Center

Earn as You Learn Curriculum, $500.00

Hope Pregnancy Care Center

Medical Clinic, $15,000.00

Bentonville Volunteer Fire Department

New Generator for Rescue Truck, $7,860.00

Gleaner’s Food Bank of Indiana

Connersville High School School-Based Pantry, $10,000.00

United Way of Fayette County

Charity Tracker Organization Organization Sponsorships, $900.00

Salvation Army of Connersville

Charity Tracker Administration and Training, $1,250.00

Total Grants in 2013 $48,510.00

Awarded – 2012

Connersville Parks & Recreation

Windows for the James Roberts building, $7,000.00

Fayette County Free Fair

Remodel bathroom facility, $7,000.00

Hope Pregnancy Center

Purchase 20 car seats, $1,250.00

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement classes in Fayette County, $2,000.00

The Link

Speakers Bureau, $3,000.00

The Salvation Army

Commercial Grade Stove, $5,000.00

Total Grants Awarded in 2012, $25,250.00

Awarded – 2011

Community Sharing Foundation

Food for the Pantry, $4,000.00

Fayette County Humane Society

Low cost spay/neuter program, $3,000.00

Fayette County Health Department/Friends of the Parking Lot

Mulch & trees for parking lot, $500.00

Hope Pregnancy Center

Washer & dryer, $500.00

Connersville Police Department

Equipment for Operation Safe Child, $3,000.00

Fayette County Conservation Club

Improvements to Manlove Park, $6,000.00

Fayette County School Corporation

CMS Civil War Rememberance Day, $1,000.00

Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana

Backsacks Weekend Food for Kids, $10,000.00

Historic Connersville Inc.

2013 Bicentennial Celebration, $50,000.00

Total Grants Awarded in 2011, $78,000.00

Awarded – 2010

Bentonville Volunteer Fire Department

New water pump for the grass truck, $3,350.00

Community Christian School

Computers for a school computer lab, $3,500.00

Connersville Parks & Recreation

Renovation of basketball & vollyball courts in Robert’s Park, $15,000.00

The Link

Support for the Team LEAD project at the Connersville Middle School, $5,500.00

Whitewater Valley Railroad

New 2-sided entrance signs for the depot, $1,500.00

City of Connersville – Parks & Recreation

Handicap swing in conjunction with Eagle Scout Brendan Wrynn, $500.00

Community Education Coalition

Books for Rockin’ Readers literacy program, $330.00

Crossroads Shelter

Materials for fix back porch, $500.00

Historic Connersville Inc.

Reupholster McFarlan Carriage, $500.00

Hope Pregnancy Center

Baby Beds, $490.00

Connersville Jaycees

Signs for trail at Smalley’s Lake, $500.00

Community Education Coalition

Materials for LEGO Engineers, $286.00

The Salvation Army

Tools for School, $500.00

Whitewater Valley Arts Association

Brochures for Barn Quilt tour, $500.00

Whitewater Valley Byway Association

Wayfinding Signs for Canal Byway for Fayette County, $500.00

Faith Builders

Lawnmower for Work of Faith Home of Love, $150.00

Total Grants in 2010, $33,606.00

Awarded – 2009

Bentonville Volunteer Fire Department

New Motorola Pagers, $3,850.00

Community Sharing Foundation

Purchase Food, $2,000.00

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Materials for Mentor Program, $1,500.00

Total Grants in 2009 $7,350.00

Awarded – 2008

Fayette County Free Fair

New bathroom and shower facility, $20,000.00

Crossroads Shelter

Replace roof and siding, $10,000.00

Boy Scouts of America

Replace bridges and electrical work, $15,000.00

Disabled American Veterans

New Transport Van, $5,250.00

Connersville Parks Department

Playground equipment at Offut’s Park, $15,000.00

Relay for Life

Survivor’s Reception, $500.00

Community Education Coalition

Academy for Progress, $25,000.00

Transfer Station Recycling Center

Recycling containers for fair, $170.00

The Salvation Army

New computer, $500.00

Area 9 Agency 211

Call Center Marketing, $500.00

Community Free Clinic

Mammograms and Pap Screenings, $5,000.00

Fayette County Cancer Society

Medicine, dietary needs, wigs, $6,000.00

Fayette County Extension Office

Poster Racks, $4,200.00

Total Grants in 2008 $107,120.00

Awarded – 2007

Community Free Clinic

Medication, $3,000.00

Big Brothers Big Sisters

TV/DVD Player-Operation Recruitment, $500.00

Community Education Coalition

Non-profit Capacity Building Workshop, $7,500.00

Fayette Garden Club

Mulch for MillerGardens, $750.00

In The Blind Foundation

Computer, $5,000.00

Fayette County School Corporation

Real care Baby II Plus Program, $2,674.35

Fayette County Veterans Council

Uniforms, $5,462.15

Ivy Tech

Science Laboratory, $20,000.00

Total Grants in 2007 $44,886.50

Awarded – 2006

Fayette County Cattle Association

Retinal eye scanner, $3,000.00

In the Blind Foundation

Computers, software, marketing, $5,000.00

Fayette County School Corporation

Reading to Learn Naturally CDs, $500.00

Bentonville Volunteer Fire Dept.

Transmitter cable & antenna, $975.00

Regenstrief Community Youth Center

Outdoor sign & gym wall padding, $4,230.00

Fayette County Humane Society

Ventilation System in FFA Building, $989.77

Old Time Fiddlers & Banjo Pickers Contest

Promotional cost, $1,000.00

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Computer, $500.00

Hickory Creek Healthcare Foundation

Handicap accessible sidewalk to gazebo, $500.00

Achieva Resources

9 Sled Chairs, $900.00

Connersville Parks Department

Resurfacing 2 kiddie-lands, $4,000.00

The Salvation Army

Refrigerator/freezer, $1,200.00

Fayette County Extension

4-County Learn-to-Serve, $200.00

Total Grants in 2006 $22,994.77