How to Apply

Who May Apply

Nonprofit organizations and nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations, coalitions, community associations, and other civic groups may apply to provide services in Fayette County, Indiana. Organizations seeking funding for food pantry support should first contact the Foundation.  Make sure to review our entire Grant Policy.

Grant Application Process

In general, this is how our grant application process works.  It’s fairly simple!  Should you have more questions please contact Anna Dungan at or visit our FAQ page.

  1. Review our cycles and deadlines to determine when you should apply.
  2. Submit a Letter of Intent with our LOI FORM.
  3. Our Program Officer will then notify you if your letter is accepted or declined. If accepted, your next step is to complete a grant application.
  4. After the application deadline, our Grant Committee meets to review all of our applicants. All applications are judged using the same score card.  The highest scoring applicants are contacted for a site visit.
  5. Following all the site visits, our Grant Committee meets again to review those meetings. Then the Committee decides which applicants it will recommend to our Board for funding.
  6. The proposed applicants are presented to the Board, which has the final vote as to which applicants will be funded.
  7. Our Program Officer then notifies all our applications of the decision. Our approved grantees are asked to then sign a grant agreement and attend a celebration reception.