Writing Tips

Grants can be very competitive. Understanding these basic facts will make the process make more sense.

The review process is both objective and subjective.

Everyone is tempted to believe that if your organization can demonstrate requirements 1, 2, and 3, then funding is a sure thing; however, there is no guaranteed formula. Our Grant Committee relies on factors both tangible, like your application and its score card, and those things intangible, such as the reviewer’s personal assessment and observations of agency conditions, or the staff quality and integrity. Many times grant cycles have more competitive requests than others.

Homework is important.

Read guidelines carefully before you apply, and contact the Foundation to clarify any uncertainties. The most current information is available from our Program Officer. Give yourself enough time before the deadline to ensure that you understand the complete process, not just the deadline date. Our grant process takes about three months from letter of inquiry deadline to the earliest possible funding. So don’t submit a letter in January for a project that will need money in March, because a grant could not be made until April.  Grant funds cannot be used retroactively.  Nothing can be purchased for a grant project and then reimbursed if grant funds are received.