WVREMC Supports Nickel Plate

The Whitewater Valley REMC granted to the Foundation $2,000 toward paving expenses for the Nickel Plate Trail.  At its completion, the Nickel Plate Trail will encompass the entire city, making a continual loop from north to south, through the utilization of old canal beds, unused railroad tracks, and existing streets and pathways.  Phase 1 of trail construction will begin at the intersection of 32nd Street and Park Road and travel .74 of a mile north to Lick Creek.  A true rails-to-trails project, the initial section of trail will transform abandoned railroad tracks into a community asset.  The trail will be paved to accommodate for bikes, strollers, other recreational, non-motorized sports equipment, and handicapped persons.

Per its website, Operation Round Up® is a voluntary program to have your electric bill rounded up to the next whole dollar. By doing this customers can put their nickels and dimes to work and benefit their community. Commitment to community is one of our Touchstone Energy® principles and we take that commitment seriously. Operation Round Up® will provide a financial boost for the community. The program will be yours as customers of Whitewater Valley REMC. We will just provide the vehicle for organizing the effort.

Thank you WVREMC for your generous gift!

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